Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tube Strikes


Decided to try out this blogging thing becasue, what else are you going to do at 11pm.

So, this Monday afternoon/evening and Tuesday, a bunch of tube workers went on strike due to 800 job cuts, there are some other small reasons but that's not important. I will admit, the 800 job cuts area tad unfair and the goverment haven't been making the best moves but please, grow the fuck up. Tube workers aren't the only people facing redundancy, there are many other people in all kinds of jobs facing it and yet you're the only bunch who throw a major hissy fit and cause problems for a hell of a lot of people. Remember though, if you're a good worker you're more likely to stay, if you went on strike, you're chances probably increased a fair chunk.

Also, a side note on all this. A certain Mr. Fry posted a link to a video that's been on the net for ages about the London Underground. One of the lines reads something along the lines of "I want to shoot them all with a rifle", to wich many people took offence. You guys need to get a sense of humor.