Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 30/10/2010

Hey guys, Gauntleted halo squirrel here, our hatted friend is out for today so I'm covering this one (I'm the other guy in the background picture). Hope I can be of just as much help as fox.

Here we go.

Shootin' and Lootin'- Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach - 1500 cR

I think you guys got the idea for this one by now; the next two challenges will easily cover this challenge.

Fire When Ready - Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 500 cR

Nice and simple 50 kills to all of those of you who have yet to finish the weekly challenge like me. Multi-team is the safe bet but of course you can play any playlist you like.

A Satisfied Thirst - Kill 250 Grunts in Firefight Matchmaking - 2000 cR

Gruntapocolypse Score Attack is the answer to this challenge, 2 and a half games to be exact

Home Field Advantage - Win 4 games in multiplayer Matchmaking 800 cR

Just play any playlist you want for this but going for something such as Team Slayer gives a higher of a win as there are only 3 possible outcomes; win (49%), loss (49%) and tie (2%), where as Multi-Team slayer will have 7 outcomes; win (16.6%), 2nd (16.6%), 3rd (16.6%), 4th (16.6%) 5th (16.6%), 6th (16.6%) and tie (0.4%) (these percentages are just what may happen with completely even odds and do not have any mathematical significance).

4800 cR all together, enjoy the credits and the soon to be lifted level cap. Our hatted friend will be back with us tomorrow.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 29/10/2010

Morning all, it's Friday so the weekend is almost here. This means that tomorrow, there is a high possibility there won't be a post, it'll most likely be a mini post if anything. However, today we've got a bit of a mix and match.

More Than A Handful – Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking – 1250 cR

This is what's going to help with the weekly Challenge. Very basic, I'll leave you to decide how you want to do it.

Covenant-cide – Kill 60 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 500 cR

We've had this one enough this week but on a slightly larger scale.

The House of Blue Leaves – Kill 111 enemies in a single Firefight Matchmaking game on Heroic – 3000 cR

A single game of Gruntpocolypse gives you about 120. As long as their aren't any suicides or teamkills, this one should be easy.

A Side of Huevos – Kill 40 enemies with Sniper Rifle headshots in Nightfall – 1500 cR

You're given 60 Bullets, the only tricky bit is making sure you've got the Grunts & Jackals heads in your sights. I'm sure once you've run out of ammo you restart.

6250 cR altogether. Not too bad, The single player & Firefights shouldn't take you too long leaving you with enough time to get the MP kills. So yeah, have fun, may or may not see you tomorrow.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 28/10/2010

Sigh, yesterday was a good day for the challenges. Today involves, a LOT of Firefight. To be fair, they aren't that hard but it's still not helping that weekly, but that's why I'm here. Tried & Tested quick methods. So let's do this quick and get back to Multiplayer:

One Spartan Army - Kill 150 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 1500 cR

No point going for this one. The other challenges will get it for you.

Hyper Lethal Vector - Kill 200 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking. 2000 cR

Gruntpocolypse, DMR + Grunts = Easy Headshots.

Points, Points - Score 20,000 points in a Firefight Matchmaking game. 2500 cR

Now, It's not impossible to get this on Sniperfight and Probably Mythic Attack (Something I'll be trying shortly) But you're almost guaranteed is on regular 3 round Firefight.

One Game, One Spawn - Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying. 1000 cR

If this really is a 3 round Firefight, this could be problematic. Pick either a very large or very small map. Corvette can cause lots of fun for your Team-mates who won't mind launching rockets everywhere and gives you narrow halls back to your spawn. If you can do it on Scoreattack, then choosing Sniperfight and putting distance between you and them will be a life saver.

7000 cR from all that though. Possibly one of the biggest we've ever seen. Hopefully shouldn't take more that a couple of hours. Best go get started then. Bye

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 27/10/2010

Hello, welcome, do sit down. Bungie have set us more on the right track. Today we have 2 Multiplayer challenges, 1 general and only the one Firefight. So relax and get 4150 cR today and add those kills to your weekly. (P.S. I hit the Rank cap yesterday so, yeay)

Covenant-cide - Kill 90 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 1000 cR

You know what to do, set up that Score Attack and get this one done in less than 10 minutes. 10 min = 1000 cR, If were only always like that.

Five-time Champ - Win 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking. 750 cR

Not really much I can help you with. If you play enough you'll get it.

Oops! All Kills - Earn 5 Multikills in multiplayer Matchmaking. 400 cR

Seems like a small amount but hey, it's the kills that count. (Edit) I'm an idiot, Multikills. Yeah. MultiTeam for Multikills.


Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 2000 cR

Just by playing you get this. 90 minimal from CC followed up by attempts of the other challenges, I'm sure you can get this one, even if it requires you going into custom games. Easy 2000 cR.

So there we have it, back on track for the Weekly. Have fun and try not to hurt yourself.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 26/10/2010 UPDATE

So, as far as "Leader" goes, it's more or less Elite. So go kill Elites. Go play some Campaign. The last part of Long Night of Solace is good. That is all. Busy.

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 26/10/2010

Hello again, today, distractions are a major part in the daily challenges and not just in the normal sense. Let's get right in today.

Points, Points - Score 15,000 points in a Firefight Matchmaking game. - 1500 cR

That's a nice set of cR there, It's not always possible to get that in a Gruntpocolypse so you've got 2 ways of doing this. Enter a 3 Round Firefight game, possibly with rockets, or, do a Score Attack Sniperfight. If you do it on an open map such as Beachhead you should be able to survive (I find taking a hologram will save your life)

Leadership Element - Kill 45 enemy leaders in the Campaign today. 1500 cR

Now, I'm not fully sure what classifies as an "Enemy Leader" so I'll have to get more info of that when I get home. If you want to attempt to get it before then, go out there and kill and give me some info please :D.

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 1500cR

By the time you've done the previous two you'll already have this one.

Those 3 are worth 4500 cR all together. More than the weekly and in a much shorter time, they also have no effect on the weekly challenge, distracting us from it. The final challenge involves you to distract in a more literal sense.

Secondary Fire - Earn 25 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking.

Team up, use melee, Plasma weapons and Snipers to take down those shields and let your friend finish them.

So there we have it, 5000 cR and none of the challenges themselves help the weekly so you'll need to find time for that, is it worth the 5000 cR though, Hell Yes. So there's my take on it all, what you do is up to you. Have fun and I'll be back later.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 25/10/2010 (Grindtacular)

Right, I thought I'd separate the weekly from the Daily as this one, is a bit of a grind.

All in a Week's Work - Kill 1000 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week. 4000 cR

It's not the standard add 1 extra 0 to the amount of enemies. Overall, the effort doesn't reflect the reward. However, it's a nice amount, so I'll go for it. Now, this isn't really something you can overly aim for, it's a case of slowly achieving it over the week. If you just do 125 a day for the weekday (I'm expecting most people work or have school so can't play all day) then you only need 375 over the weekend, you could even do 100 a day and leave 500 for the weekend which wouldn't take too long. It's just a case of finding the right amount for the day, hopefully the daily challenges this week will be MP focused to help us along, we already have 50 kills for today.

So do what you feel like doing, do the gametype that you play well in, or not, you've got time to retry.

Have fun and don't over do it. I don't really want to see anyone complete it before Friday. Just proves how much free time you have :P

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 25/10/2010 (Grindtacular)

Hello all, welcome to this very Grindpocolypse start to the weeks challenges. The Bungie guys really want us to kill everything we come across. So lets get started.

Short, Controlled Bursts - Kill 50 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today. 500 cR

Automatic weapons are the Assault Rifle and the Needler to name a couple, I also believe the Plasma Repeater and Spiker are also classified auto, although I find the repeater quite useless. Try to play games with as many grunts as you can find. They'll just fall.

One Spartan Army - Kill 400 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 2000 cR

More killing, this time in Firefight. I'm going to stick with my good old fashioned, Gruntpocolypse. 4 games of that (about 40 mins of gameplay)

Aggressive Negotiations - Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1200cR

I'm going to go with my new found love, multi-team. Any game mode other than Rocket Race will give you enough time and points to get this challenge. Big team and Invasion (Slayer & Normal) would also both be viable option.

Fire When Ready - Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking

More grinding but no real rush. Do what you feel like.

So yeah that's the daily challenges, I'll add the weekly in a moment or two after I get a drink. See you in a bit.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 24/10/2010 UPDATE

Points Pyramid - Score 25,000 points on any Campaign mission. 2500 cR

Right, Found the easy way to do this. Start on "The Package" Stick it on Heroic. Now, put on these skulls. Tough Luck, Catch, Cloud and Famine. As this mission gives you a Scorpion shortly after you start, these skulls don't hinder you that much. As you're in a Tank this gives the AI the excuse to throw Banshees at you. 1 shot from the Scorpion and you've got 800 points. Revenants are worth over 2000 each, Ghosts range from 1000-1500. Now, the easiest part, the big AA guns, if you shoot them in the back of the gun 7 times, they blow up, causing you to get an extra Multikill and more bonus points.

With these setting I managed to get all the points by the time I reached the Gates leading to Swordbase where I need to exit the tank anyway. If you're still short by a bit, stay around for a while and more Banshees will fly over to meet you.

There we go, If you're still short, head into the base and it shouldn't take too long to get the rest of the points. If you believe you can, stick it up onto Legendary or Add more skulls to get it even faster but I believe this is the foundations for the quickest way.

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 24/10/2010

Hello, It's Sunday once again and therefore your last chance to get the weekly challenge. Today, you'll be doing a bit of everything.

Gunslinger - Kill 150 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1500 cR

Not really challenging but certainly a time consumer. Just go out there in a gamemode and kill as much as you can. Like a said yesterday, multiteam and its crazy king is brilliant for this.

Scoped - Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with precision weapons. 1400 cR
Covenant-Cide - Kill 75 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 700 cR

Gruntpocolypse, It gives you a DMR and 120ish enemies to kill. It's become that point in the seek where we're just running through the regulars.

The odd one this week is this:

Points Pyrimid - Score 25,000 points on any Campaign mission. 2500 cR

It doesn't matter about dying but time is important. I'm currently attempting to find the quickest way to do this so stay tuned. For now just attempt the other ones.