Monday, October 25, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 25/10/2010 (Grindtacular)

Hello all, welcome to this very Grindpocolypse start to the weeks challenges. The Bungie guys really want us to kill everything we come across. So lets get started.

Short, Controlled Bursts - Kill 50 enemies with automatic weapons in the Campaign today. 500 cR

Automatic weapons are the Assault Rifle and the Needler to name a couple, I also believe the Plasma Repeater and Spiker are also classified auto, although I find the repeater quite useless. Try to play games with as many grunts as you can find. They'll just fall.

One Spartan Army - Kill 400 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 2000 cR

More killing, this time in Firefight. I'm going to stick with my good old fashioned, Gruntpocolypse. 4 games of that (about 40 mins of gameplay)

Aggressive Negotiations - Earn at least 17 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1200cR

I'm going to go with my new found love, multi-team. Any game mode other than Rocket Race will give you enough time and points to get this challenge. Big team and Invasion (Slayer & Normal) would also both be viable option.

Fire When Ready - Kill 50 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking

More grinding but no real rush. Do what you feel like.

So yeah that's the daily challenges, I'll add the weekly in a moment or two after I get a drink. See you in a bit.

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