Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 13/11/2010

Hello, Hello. Sorry I'm late, few PC hiccups (needs an upgrade soon) well today we have a very nice 7000 cR not more time wasting. Jumping in:

Gunslinger – Kill 150 enemies in Multiplayer Matchmaking – 1500 cR

You know this by now, do what you wish.

One Spartan Army – Kill 250 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking – 2500 cR

Once again, you know what to do.

…Is a Virtue – Score 15,000 points in any Campaign mission with less than 3 deaths – 1000 cR

This will take you, 2 mins. Literally, I just did it in that time. Start up "Long Night of Solace" from Rally point Alpha, Stick on these skulls:
  • Iron
  • Black Eye
  • Tough Luck
  • Catch
  • Cloud
  • Famine
  • Thunderstorm
And stick it on Legendary/Heroic. Get behind where the Banshees warp in and pick them off quickly. You can get a Killionare from it (I was 1 away) It took me less than the first wave of Banshees to get this challenge. Less than 2 mins.

Climb Points Mountain – Score 1,000,000 points on any Firefight map – 2000 cR

This is an achievement, so this is probably already done. If not, this video will help you.

There we go, rather straight forward when you know how. Have fun, get the cR and don't crash the Sabre into another ship.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 12/11/2010

One whole month since I've turned this site into a Halo Reach Challenge help blog. Thank you to all who have visited, thanks to all who keep visiting. Thanks to Matthew Vose and his site and finally Thanks to all who spread the word. It's taken a while but this site is really starting to get some high viewer counts.

Today is a Friday, the end of the weekday, beginning of the weekend and we have some nice easy challenges to set us on our way. Nice to get some specific Multiplayer ones rather than, kill 100 people. Starting off easy.

Eyes in the Sky - Kill 10 enemies with the Designator in ONI on Heroic. 400 cR

2 ways of doing this depending on how many loopholes there are.

Checkpoint Alpha on ONI will spawn you right before the Target Designator. Pick it up and don't use it on the Wraiths. Try and take them down the other using other means. Then move over towards the AA gun. use on of the volleys on the roof of the building, the other on the Phantom. That'll give you about 15 kills.

Or, if there's the loophole. Take out the Wraiths, Revert to last save, Take out the Wraiths again. Just depends on how it's all coded. Either way easy.

Covenant-cide - Kill 60 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 500 cr

Easy, any game of Scoreattack/Firefight has enough enemies to kill. So just load one up, pick a Loadout and have fun.

Close Talking - Earn 20 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking. 300 cR

So far, the cR amount, not good. This one isn't any different. Close Combat weapons are Shotguns, Swords, Hammers and your own fist. I like the close combat and therefore, I will enjoy getting this.

Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 2000 cR

All you need to know is in the title. From all the challenges, 60 + 20 + 10 = 90. So you're already half way there. Probably another 50 from the Firefight so you'll be very close. Also, it's any game mode so it doesn't matter what you do.

There we have it, a rather small 3200 cR today but the challenges aren't to troublesome. Have fun out there and make this another good month.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 11/11/2010

Just hit 11am and we've had our silence (the fact that the office is silent most of the day anyway) and it's time to continue. The daily challenges today are certainly a grind. They asked us to "complete" 50 Firefight games for a weekly. This daily is a much bigger grind. They also ask you to be invincible so have fun with that.

A small heads up for the staying alive challenges. Keep your distance. Do not engage in close combat unless you have no choice.

One Game, One Spawn - Complete a Firefight Matchmaking game without dying. 800 cR

You got 2 choices, survive 3 Firefight rounds with 3 extra people and a bonus round of who knows how many Hunters (I suggest running), or try staying alive through a 1 round solo Scoreattack. Both have their problems, Firefight with the extended time and harder enemies (although, that can mostly be solved with Rocketfight) or getting caught while on your own, reloading in Scoreattack. Even Gruntpocolypse can annoying at times, occasionally sneaking up on you with 1 shot Fuel Rods. Up to you how you want to tackle this.

Just Hold On... - Complete 20 Rounds in Firefight Matchmaking without dying. 3000 cR

20 rounds, once again you need to choose Firefight or Scoreattack, Score Attack games last about 8 mins long. Firefight lasts about 25, but you do 3 rounds. Plus the bonus round doesn't count so you can die without consequence.

Still though,
8 x 20 = 2 hours 40 mins (Scoreattack)
25 x 7 = 2 hours 55 mins (Firefight) (A little less is required because there's an extra round)

That's a rough estimate of the time it'll take. That's provided you don't die in any of the matches. I'm sorry Bungie but I really don't have that much time after work to do such challenges. On a weekend, yes, even as a weekly challenge would be better, but many people don't have the time after work/school to do this. Shame, I'd of liked that 3000 cR (I'm still going to give it a shot though)

A Friend in Need - Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking. 1000 cR

I'm sure during the 20 rounds you'll get this. One sure fire way to get an assist is to shoot the Phantom's turret with a sniper, when someone finishes it off you get 1 whole assist. Other tan that, just shoot and cause damage, they'll come eventually.

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 2500 cR

20 rounds and not 250 kills, what are you doing? But yes, this is any game mode, with all these Firefight challenges though I'm sure you can get it somewhere along the line.

Have fun with your Firefight guys, just try and keep some distance, I'm going back to work. Bye.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 10/11/2010

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening. Depends on where you are. Welcome back to the site. Today, we have a very nice set of challenges. All rather easy too, one may cause a bit of trouble but we'll get onto that later. Starting easy.

Linked Up with - Link your gamertag with and play a game in Halo: Reach Matchmaking. 3000 cR

We've had this before and for many people this will be a free 3000 cR. Some of you out there though, haven't linked your Xbox live accounts e-mail to Shame on you, it's not like it's that hard, just sign up with the same e-mail address, if it's not a windows live address, you can change that on the 360. Make a new Windows live account, link it to the 360, then to, then, finish it all off by adding a nice graphic to your Halo Reach nameplate. Then obviously, go play.

Where There's Smoke... - Kill 50 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 500 cr

Any Firefight or Scoreattack game will give you 50 enemies at least. Go and kill them.

Iron With Friends - Complete a Campaign mission co-op on Heroic or harder with the Iron Skull on. 750 cR

This is the hardest one today, now, with each person, the difficulty & amount of enemies increases and if you're unlucky, so will the lag. Tackle this in a group of however many you want and choose a mission that's good for you. I know from personal experience that Winter Contingency is completable on Legendary, 2 people without dying. So I'd say do that level.

Snipe from afar, hug the left wall when you cross the river, run and jump over the rocks to the left of where the Elites are. Drive about and activate the 2 smaller camps before driving down to the final one. Let Jorge & Carter out and keep driving along the road, back and forward until all enemies are splattered. Jump into the Falcon and when you get to the facility.

Get inside where the enemies don't go. When you get in the base, after the cutscene, pick up a DMR. Take out the enemies in the room. Lob grenades into the cluster of grunts around the far corner.

When you enter the final room, one person take a Plasma Pistol & Shotgun (Shotgun is found by jumping over the railing and looking left, it's by the Drop shield) and the other person take a DMR & Something else. Mop up the grunts and when the elite charges out, use the PP to drain his shields and let the DMR take his head out (Might want to switch to shotgun, just in case the DMR wielder misses) then do the same for the second Elite.

Mission completed. Possibly with no deaths. (This was the tactic that worked on Legendary, so Heroic should be no problem.

Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 180 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 2000 cR

After everything else you've been through, this challenge should be no problem. Should be close too, just enjoy the night in your favourite game mode.

There we have it, 6250 cR. Big boom today, mostly coming from the link and the Blastin'. Have fun and partner up.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 08/11/2010 Crackshot UPDATE

So, I've recently found out that this challenge needs to be done in 1 play through. If you die it resets, if you finish, it resets. However, Reverting to last save, keeps your current headshot count, so, find the best spot, I'd say the beginning, and fire away. Remember, you can do this multiple times, and if you're on the edge of dying, quickly revert, you'll save a lot of time. It may be though, that you need to continue onwards because you just hit a checkpoint. If so, I'll now give you a quick run through of were to find more Sniper ammo.

1. Right as you move towards the first Marines you find, on a cliff edge looking over the facility as you exit from the rock "cave" there will be a dead Marine with a Sniper next to him.

2. In the facility there are a few boxes with ammo. Rockets, DMR, AR & Sniper. You can also take the snipers from the Soldiers there.

3. After Jun plants the bomb on the tower, near the Phantom there is another case containing 2 snipers.

That ammo, plus the starting ammo gives you about 100-120 rounds of Sniper ammo. Combine that with the revert to last save and you're more or less set. Easy when you know how and that's why I'm here.

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 09/11/2010

Hello again, welcome to a bit of a strange day. Before we start, quick heads up on the Weekly Challenge. It needs to be done in one sitting. One big continuous Headshot flow. A bit harder than Previously thought but still doable. Will update later on areas that contain extra Sniper ammo.

To the challenges. Once again, at least one for each gametype.

Gunslinger - Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR

I think by now you know what to do. Play what you like.

Gunslinger - Kill 150 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1500 cR

Erm... O.K. Same as above, with 50 more kills.

There Are Many Like... - Kill 100 enemies with precision weapons in the Campaign today. 1000 cR

You know the Sniper Rifle counts as a precision weapon, hint, hint.... also DRM, Needle Rifle and Focus Rifle.

Blast Radius - Kill 30 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades. 600 cR

Corvette, Gruntpocolypse. It's just that the grunts are so easy to kill. Plus the fact that the HAVE to spawn in the same areas.

Nothing of challenge here. Just the Gunslinger may take some time. 4100 cR. Less than yesterday, but whatever, It's all good.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 08/11/2010

Crackshot - Kill 70 enemies with sniper rifle headshots in Nightfall on Heroic. 3000 cR

UPDATE: New information on the challenge and easier ways to get it.

Looks like that streak of all Weekly Challenges will Continue. This one, very, very easy. All you need to do is line up a headshot and fire, Grunts will go down very easily as will Jackals, Elites, you may need to shoot them once before, but after they decide to roar, standing still, leaving their heads very open for that shot.

So there we go, 70 may seem like a lot, but you've got the whole week to do it. Finish it tonight or do bite size segments. Doesn't matter, just make sure it's on Heroic and you keep that sniper stocked.

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 08/11/2010

Morning all, how are you today? Ready for the new week? I didn't think so. New Week = New Challenges, although you could say New Day = New Challenges, but enough with that, let's get started:

Heroic Killagruntjaro! - Earn 35 multikills in a Firefight Matchmaking game on Heroic or harder. 3500 cR

A more challenging version of last weeks. Though I'll say I didn't realize there was an easy way of doing it last time. My tactic is to get a Gruntpocolypse on Corvette. The monster closets (Where the Grunts spawn) aren't bullet proof, only Spartan proof. So lob Grenades, Fire Rockets & Fuel Rod Cannons and anything else you can find in them before the Grunts have a chance to escape. Pick of the ones that mass down the ramp with precision DMR fire.

Covenant-cide - Kill 60 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. 500 cR

You know the challenge above, well this one will be acquired by getting that, or by just killing 60 enemies. Very easy.

Vengeance Found - Earn your 'Revenge' in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 700 cR

This one is not so easy, the act of killing someone in Multiplayer isn't hard, it's locating the one who killed you and getting the revenge before you're killed by someone else before you kill him. Now, obviously, the larger the game, the harder it will be to locate them. Best way to do this is to find a camper, when he kills you, you know where he is, he won't move and it's just a case of planning the attack in advance. If you're struggling, jump onto Arena Doubles. 2v2 game, there's a 50/50 chance of you killing the guy who just killed you.

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 1500 cR

With the other challenges, especially the Firefight one, you'll be very close to this one. You'll get it while just playing.

A nice boosting 6200 cR today, a very nice start to the week. It's all doable within 30 mins, easy. So sit back and enjoy the game.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 07/11/2010

Morning again. Hope you Americans had a good extra hour of sleep. Certainly makes morning stuff over here much easier. It's Sunday so it's the last day to get the weekly challenge so keep that in mind if you haven't got it yet. We have one of each challenge gametype today, One Campaign, One Firefight and One Multiplayer, With an Extra Ambiguous one thrown in.

Neuroscience - Kill 10 enemies with Headshots in a Multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1200 cR

One of the hardest challenges according to some checks did. I'll agree up to a certain point. The best way to do this though is to focus on games that either take a long time with many kills (Invasion), Head into the most chaotic playlists and sit back waiting (Multiteam/Rumble Pit), or gametypes that mostly rely on Headshots (Team Snipers/SWAT). You could even try with Living Dead, the pistol is able to get Headshots and you do have enough time, just hope you're Human at least twice.

A Friend in Need - Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking. 1000 cR

You know how this goes down now, assists are a common enemy in these challenge bonuses. Do a bit of damage, shoot a grunt 3 times, Punch a Brute/Elite, do whatever, just get them as close to death as you can. Here's a little extra tip though, SniperFight, shoot one of the Dropships turrets once. A second shot will destroy it giving you an assist.

Leadership Element - Kill 45 enemy leaders in the Campaign today. 1500 cR

What is a Leader? 9/10 Elites, or something like that. The way I did this was to start Long Night of Solace from the final checkpoint. I got the challenge while I was fighting off the enemies by the pelican. So it doesn't take too long and it isn't overly hard.

Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 90 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 1000 cR

Kill 90 enemies, anywhere, custom Firefight is what I'm going to say if you don't already get this one.

So there we have it, all nicely worth 1000 or more. 4700 cR to get today, not much but it's better than nothing. Remember to get those Multikills to get the weekly challenge. Have Fun.