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Welcome, Welcome, do please pull up a chair and sit with me for a bit.  My name is John Elliott, but for the sake of this website I will also be known as the Hatted Halo Fox.  I am here to bring you interesting information about Halo Reach.  So far most of this has been to do with the daily challenges but that is soon to change.  

We have broken past the 117 Million barrier that was holding many of us back and we are now free to level up as freely as we wish.  It is also very clear that many of these challenges are rather simple, killing "X" amount of enemies in gametype "Z".  I will continue to go in-depth with the more complex one but I plan to move forwards a bit more. 

So from now on, I'll be adding more information to this site.  Any interesting bits worth mentioning will appear here.  I'll add Armour listings, (As I achieve them anyway) and I'll really start to focus on the achievements.  This will all happen when I get myself a new capture card. 

Until then, if you wish to contact me, I'm always welcome to answer questions.  The best ways to do this are via @Shadow5talker04 on Twitter, Email to hhf@hattedhalofox.co.uk, or even leaving a comment.  Anyone can leave comments and they are sent to my E-mail anyway so I won't miss them.

Or you can contact here at HHF's own Twitter Account and Facebook Account

So you guys have fun out there and keep ranking up.  

The Hatted Halo Fox