Thursday, May 17, 2012

The End

Well, if it wasn't obvious, I'm not really updating this site anymore. Being busy mixed with, what can only be described as Reach Burnout, made it a chore to update this site. When Reach came out, I had no idea I was going to start this site. The only thing I knew, was that I was going to get as many Reach challenges that I could.

Part way through my apprenticeship course, I started this site out of boredom and because there weren't any other sites out there that were doing this (as far as I could tell). Turns out, that at the same time I started this blog, another guy did exactly the same, Matthew Vose. We chatted a bit and assisted in each other, and sadly, he's gone that same way I have. I'd like to congratulate him on making it a few more weeks than I did.

 For 75 weeks I would collect every weekly challenge Reach threw at us, till I just couldn't do it anymore. I have played Reach for 408 hours and 53 minutes. Killed 28,024 people in Multiplayer, 19,004 of which were with melee and have given tips on how to get these challenges.

The fact that you people kept on coming back makes me happy. But we have reached that point where we've been told all we can, no more help is needed. Now we just play the game and look forward to what is coming. Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you here soon. 

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  1. Shame to see it going down, but considering how long you've been going for I'm not too surprised. Thanks a lot for the many many months of keeping us updated on the daily and weekly challenges. Back when I was making sure to get all of them (before being overwhelmed by work!) I was using this every day to check on my phone, hehe.

    D'ya reckon that if Halo 4 has a similar system you'll do this all again? Hope to see you there either way! :D