Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 27/11/2010

Hello, I'm on a train to York and I'm using my 15 mins of free internet to bring this to you. Sorry for spelling mistakes I don't have time to fix them.

More than a Handful - Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1250 cR

Easy, just shoot the other guy.

A Friend in Need - Earn 10 assists in Firefight Matchmaking. 1000 cR

Remove those shields and put a couple of bullets into those grunts. Do it 10 times over today.

Survivor - Earn 7 Sprees in a Firefight Matchmaking game. 1200 cR

Killing Sprees are good as are Sniper Sprees. A Single game of Sniperattack will give you 100 kills at least Giving you 3 Sniper specific sprees and the other 4 will just come as normal. Stick it on beachhead and you might just get Vehicular Manslaughter as well.

Katanarama - Kill 1 enemies using the Energy Sword in Firefight Matchmaking. 1000 cR

Title tells it all. As long as you have at least 2 enemies left and one has the sword, you know what to do.

That's it, sorry for the short work but I haven't got much choice. Have fun and see you tomorrow.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 26/11/2010

Hello, not delayed today as I could of been. Have a nice long break too. So here we go, a mix of Campaign & Multiplayer, not overly challenging but certainly much more grinding.

Double Nickels - Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1500 cR

Best thing to do here is play objective. Give yourself some distance from the objective and pick of the people as they get near it. That way you can keep your kills up without endangering yourself.

Gunslinger - Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR


Leadership Element - Kill 45 enemy leaders in the Campaign today. 1500 cR

Remember, Leaders are generally Elites. I got this after playing Long Night of Solace from Rally point Bravo, twice. So 2 runs through from Rally Point Bravo and you're good.

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 400 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 3000 cR

Lots of cR, just play.

7000 cR. Very nice. At least 3 easy ones today so you should get that weekly. May not be here tomorrow so my friend may take over. We'll see.

Have fun.

26th November 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Site Updates 25/11/2010

Good evening. Taking a quick moment to give you people a quick heads up on some new site developments.

First of all, new contact information and ways to get mini updates.

The new E-mail address is, if you feel the need to E-mail me about anything go ahead. If it's help you be needing or new ideas for challenges go ahead and do it.

Secondly, HHF has a linked Twitter Account and Facebook Account. So you'll get all the main chunk of information in the morning but if there are any mini updates worth mentioning such as extra ammo or areas with a high concentration of grunts, it'll be updated there. You can also go ahead and ask question there.

Right, beyond that there will also be a few videos coming soon (just need to get some help from some old friends). I'd use Bungie Pro but I'd go through that like mad, cheaper way is to just get a capture card set up going. Did it once before but that was while PAL-50 was the HD we had, we managed to sort out HD recording before we all became too busy to record.

So there is the updates. Have fun and, I got the weekly Challenge :D

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 25/11/2010

Good Morning, on my Laptop today so I'm a little more at home. Lots of Campaigning and some rather easy challenges as they can all be completed on Normal difficulty. Today we also have a bit of an odd challenge, today, we're going bird watching:

Nature vs. Nurture - Kill 15 Moa in Winter Contingency on Normal or harder. 2000 cR

2000 cR for hunting down and killing some flightless birds. Seems very odd and rather unchallenging. Word of warning, when getting the achievement, running over a Moa doesn't count count towards it, so if the same rules apply to the challenge, you may need to hop out an shoot it a bit. As to locations, there are 2 as you start, 2/3 just before the Elites, then a lot of the rest are in and around the buildings. Check them all, kill all the enemies (as Grunts will count for later challenges) and look for the Moa. You need to get all these before you enter the Falcon.

Second Method (If it works) Kill the first 2, revert to saved, repeat.

Roast 'em, Toast 'em - Kill 35 enemies while jet-packing in Exodus on Normal. 1500 cR

Grenades, Rockets, Fuel Rods, Hammers, anything you can get your hands on, just remember, you need to be jetpacking as you get the kill, even if it's a beat down.

The Little Guys - Kill 200 Grunts in Campaign today on Normal or harder. 2000 cR

Kill 200 Grunts. Get the ones from the previous challenges first then mop up on any level that has them in abundance. Oni Sword base has a bunch at the start, Winter Contingency has a large amount too. Up to you.

Blastin' and Relaxin' - Kill 90 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 1000 cR

Only 90, in any game mode. You'll get this getting the others.

6500 cR plus an added bonus of the weekly if you've got 100% of the challenges so far. I'll leave you guys to it. Have fun.

25th November 2010

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 24/11/2010 UPDATE

Hello, not on break so I need to keep Alt + Tabbing right now. Fun. So right now I'll jump right in as always:

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 150 enemies in any game mode in Reach. 1500 cR

Kill stuff, 150 items of stuff.

Secondary Fire - Earn 25 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR

You know how to assist, damage a bit and run away. Shield drop is always good, stick to plasma.

J.H. Death Machine - Kill 10 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with the Grenade Launcher. 1000 cR

Grunts will fall by the thousands, just pick yourself a Scoreattack game on any map of preference (Corvette? Those doors are really good for explosives) and let the explosions take them out.

Explosive Ordnance Distribution - Earn 3 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1000 cR

Had a bit of an argument on what an ordinance weapon is with my friend the Gauntlet Squirrel. We have 3 solutions.

1. Any weapon you pick up is considered an ordinance weapon.
2. An explosive weapon. - Thanks to commenter input, I can say this is the answer, So Plasma Launcher, Concussion Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher and the Splaser. Not regular Grenades though.
3. Power Weapons (Shotgun, Sword, Rockets, ect)

It's times like this I wish I was at home to double check this. I'll attempt to get an answer from somewhere within the hour. No promises though.

That's that, back to work for me. If you like this blog, say so by clicking the like button, or don't, but preferably do, it's up to you. You could even drop a comment on the page about anything, I'll get back to you. That's it for tonight, or today... I dunno. Stay tuned though, I do believe I'll have some rather interesting news later on.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 23/11/2010

Morning, good time to have break today, right after the challengess come out, sadly, once again, time is limited so I'll jump right in:

Heroic Demon – Kill 10 Elites in Firefight Matchmaking on Heroic or harder. 1300 cR

Either, Jump into firefight and attempt to steal as many Elite kills as you can, or play a couple of Sniperfights. Sniperfights all together may take longer but the kills are all yours.

A Solid Outing – Earn at least 15 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 3000 cR

15 Kills in 1 game, not hard, we've done 30 for a weekly challenge. If you did that one, do what you did again. Invasion & Invasion Slayer are good but the best is multi-team, objective if possible, they rarely finish before the time runs out so you've got 12 mins to kill, literally.

Cook ‘em, Clean ‘em! – Kill 10 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking whilst you’re jet-packing. 1500 cR

Explosives are your friend as well as a steady aim. Remember to be holding that equipment button while you get the kill.

More than a Handful – Kill 125 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1250 cR

Yesterday was 100, now it's 125. Do what you did yesterday, just for a bit longer. Living Dead is good for finishing up those final 3 you're missing, the games don't last long.

Have fun and keep getting the challenges. That weekly payoff is nice on top of today's 7050 cR. Have fun.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 22/11/2010 Dedication/Time

Dedication/Time - Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week. 16000cR

A very easy challenge as I'm here to help you with the daily challenges. You need to do 2.25871 challenges per day, although with the physical impossibilities of this I would suggest doing 3 a day. After that you need to get 1 on the weekend. It really doesn't matter too much, just do as many as you can and provided you do 3 for 2 days you can do 2 for 5 or whatever combo you want.

Lets hope we get some high paying, easy challenges this week because that's a big payoff.

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 22/11/2010

Hello again, sorry about the small delay. We have a new Trainer for the apprenticeship so updates may be later than normal. Anyway, new week, new challenges and a lot of cR to get. I'll jump in as my time is limited.

Gunslinger - Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR

Kill 100 people in multiplayer, now you don't need to win all those games, Invasion & Multi-team are back on the list. Go nuts.

Pass the Rock - Earn 20 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR

Go for the shield pops, I often find that multi-team is good here for getting those, your team won't always get the points but you'll get the assists.

Foggy Notion - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic with Cloud and Famine on. 1400 cR

So no motion detector and less ammo on heroic. I'm sorry but the fact you get so much ammo on Winter Contingency and the ability to avoid so many of the fights just by hugging wall, running past and ramming enemies with your vehicle. Easy stuff.

A Satisfied Thirst - Kill 250 Grunts in Firefight Matchmaking. 1800 cR

Scoreattack Gruntpocolypse, need I say anymore.

Easy start today, you should get at least 3 of them though, the weekly needs it but I'll talk more on that at lunch. Have fun and get that 5200 cR.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 21/11/2010

O.K. guys, this is it, less than 24 hours left to win all your MP matches. So lets get out there and win. If however, you've finished that and want a new challenge, the new dailies are up, so let's take a look.

You Want This, Don't You? - Earn 12 kills with precision weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game. 1000 cR

Precision weapons are Sniper, Focus Rifle, DMR & Needle Rifle. Gametypes I suggest are Snipers and SWAT if you're good at them, personally, as much as I like those gametypes, I can't do long range combat to save my life, so what do I do, stick it on invasion. The long rounds give you enough time to get the 12 you'll need.

Gunslinger - Kill 40 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. 1000 cR


Like a Glove - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with the Catch Skull on. 1000 cR

Catch = More Grenades from both the enemies & your allies. I'm going to go ahead and say Winter Contingency. It's a short mission, Grunts are easy to take out and you can skip a fair amount of combat.

Points Pyramid - Score 40,000 points on any Campaign mission. 4000 cR

Easier than you think, Long Night of Solace Rally Point Alpha, Put on Every Skull and Stick it right up to Legendary. The Banshees still have the combat effectiveness of paper and give you near 2000 points per kill. You'll have to go through the first 2 waves, (1 Banshee set, 1 Seraph set) and after that a mixed set will come in, just focus on the Banshees, they'll spawn behind and above the Seraphs. 5 mins after starting you'll have done it.

7000 cR again, very nice and not too time consuming so you can get them all and the weekly. Have fun and kill fast.