Thursday, November 25, 2010

Site Updates 25/11/2010

Good evening. Taking a quick moment to give you people a quick heads up on some new site developments.

First of all, new contact information and ways to get mini updates.

The new E-mail address is, if you feel the need to E-mail me about anything go ahead. If it's help you be needing or new ideas for challenges go ahead and do it.

Secondly, HHF has a linked Twitter Account and Facebook Account. So you'll get all the main chunk of information in the morning but if there are any mini updates worth mentioning such as extra ammo or areas with a high concentration of grunts, it'll be updated there. You can also go ahead and ask question there.

Right, beyond that there will also be a few videos coming soon (just need to get some help from some old friends). I'd use Bungie Pro but I'd go through that like mad, cheaper way is to just get a capture card set up going. Did it once before but that was while PAL-50 was the HD we had, we managed to sort out HD recording before we all became too busy to record.

So there is the updates. Have fun and, I got the weekly Challenge :D

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