Monday, December 6, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 06/12/2010 Not in the Face

Not in the Face - Complete any Campaign mission on Heroic in 30 minutes with Black Eye on. 4000 cR

Haha, welcome all. Guess this is what happens when they re-do a challenge. On the side bar to your right you'll see a little link to the current weekly. It's a bit more updated. (23rd May)

Update down a couple of paragraphs.

I hope you brought your punching hands and running boot because that's what you'll be needing. Black eye means that your shield won't recharge unless you're punching an enemy. It is however on Heroic so getting up close is something you really don't want to do. To those who gamed while health packs were the only way to get health this will be nothing new. The time limit however may cause some problems. 30 minutes is not a long time. The only mission I can think of this being possible on is Winter Contingency.

It's not that much of a problem, we've got the whole week to figure this one out. I'll be experimenting and giving you a walk-through when I complete it myself. Go out there and do what you can. Remember, you can die, so just play through to the end. You may find routes better suited for this challenge.

Bye all, have a grand day.

UPDATE: Played Co-op Winter Contingency doing both the Monday Daily (Co-Op Iron) & Black Eye Skull. Just me and 1 other Friend. We ran 90% of the mission. We only had 1 revert and we completed it in under 15 mins. So there you have it, easy stuff.

Walk through:

Start off and get to the window, don't fire, just charge right on through and head either left along the bridge all the way up through the hut and over the rocks, or right, over the house and across the river.

When you get to the vehicles, head right to trigger the actions then make camp at the marines area. Wipe out the Elites from range with the Pistol/DMR. Move in and give a Grunt a tap if you need some shields. Shoot him once to stun him.

Jump into the Falcon and wipe out the first group with grenades. After, let Carter & Jorge do the heavy lifting, help out from cover when needed.

When inside, grab a DMR & Plasma Pistol. Grunts & Jackals will go down no problem with a few helpful grenades. Take out the Grunts in the final room as they exit the little corner box. Plasma Pistol the Elites and finish with a Headshot. Bam, you're done.

If you dislike to read or are still confused, this video in my file share is the take me and my friend did. You can watch me be an idiot and forget there's one more wave at the river.

There we go, a seemingly complex challenge, made easy.

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