Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 08/02/2011

Hope you chipped away at some of that weekly challenge, it may take a while. Played mostly SWAT last night to get it. Took me about an hour to get 75 kills (Some people decided it would be fun to play SWAT Magnums) Grifball is back, shame it's not much help on the weekly. Going to attempt to work these challenges into the weekly if I can.

Fire When Ready - Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 1000cR

Start up some multiplayer matchmaking in any gametype you like. Then you go round killing the other people in the game (Provided they're your enemies). Grifball & Multi-team will do you well here if you're looking for speed. SWAT is also, not to bad. Games don't last that long and you can roughly get 10-20 kills a game, most of which will contribute to the weekly.

A Great Friend - Earn 15 assists today in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2000cR

Grab a Plasma Pistol in invasion and let loose. Team up with your partner and let them know who to hit. If it turns out that you can't get a Plasma Pistol, don't forget the usefulness of your own fist. Hit them and either run away or armour lock. Let your friend do the rest. Secondary way, play some team snipers and go for the body shot, one the shields and part of their health has gone, it's easy pickings for your friend, if not, you get one more to the weekly.

Throwing Fireballs - Kill 7 enemies with grenades in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 1200cR

Seven can be a fairly large amount for a single game. Once again it'll be a bit of luck and a bit of 'nade spam. Playing in a game where you have enough time, Invasion or other multi-round objective games give you both locations where the enemies will be and a few extra rounds to try again.

Put Your Quarter Up - Complete 10 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2000cR

Like the weekly just been, you don't need to win the games, just finish. Play what you like, it doesn't matter. Just please don't AFK. I had enough of that last week in Living Dead. Put some games towards the weekly and other towards fun (Unless they both happen to mix. I'll definably be putting in some Grifball tonight.

That's it, for now. All multiplayer today so you out into Halo Reach and have fun.

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