Monday, February 21, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 21/02/2011 ONI: LASO


Complete ONI, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO).


I won't claim to know what to do here. All I know is that the enemies are much stronger, faster, drop less ammo and that you have non-recharging shields, no shield bar, no ammo counter, no motion tracker and no reticule.

In a nutshell, combined with this mission, you're in trouble. Some pointers I can give you before I hand this over to some guys who do know what they're doing. The Artillery will recharge and give you another shot. It'll take a while and you won't know when but it will. Also, once you've sorted out one of the two objectives, head back on yourself for the next one, don't head the long way round.

I will suggest you do this one 2 player. Having two points to hit, if you do it with 2 people you will not have to deal with a bunch of enemies. Plus having 2 people take on Hunters will be a blessing.

Once you get the Rocket Launcher. Focus on the Elites that land on the platform. No matter what Emile tells you, he can easily take out all the Banshees. Save your rockets for survival.

Those are some key points. As for the the mission itself, Once I've completed it I'll be able to give you much more in depth help. I'll also add a video, but until then I'll leave you with these guys

HBO know what they're doing. (Thanks to Matt for reminding me this things exist)

I hope to do it tonight but I doubt it.

AS for you guys, have fun and good luck.


  1. Something I've noticed (though I haven't done the challenge yet to test it) even though it's LASO if you look at the challenge in the menu on Reach it does not show the Blind skull. If you tell it to jump to lobby then it doesn't put the Blind skull on, but does put all the others on.
    I wonder if you don't need it on then? If not might make things a bit easier, what with being able to see your shields/ammo and everything.

  2. It appears that they thought Blind was a bit too harsh. Thankfully, due to it, we now know how much health we have remaining. I just finished it myself. Took me and my friend 2 solid hours. I will be writing up later.

  3. Yeah, just finished it myself with a friend. 2 hours, it was seriously solid in parts, took us 50 minutes to get past the start! No idea how much harder it would be with Blind on. That guide helped us get started though, so thanks for linking it.