Monday, February 28, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 28/02/2011 All in a Week's Work

All in a Week's Work

Kill 1500 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week.


1500 enemies is a fair few. However, the time it takes will all depend on the gametypes of your choosing. Sure slayer may seem like an obvious choice, but an average game will get you 10-15 kills (On average) Sure you may score more than that occasionally, but think about it. Those games last 10-15 mins, you're averaging at 1 kill a min, occasionally more, occasionally less.

The gametypes you want to play are the quicker ones and the ones that give you more bang. Living dead is terrible, zombies get very few kills for their effort and if you're lucky and get Human all 3 times, you'll still only get around 30 kills.

Gametypes like Invasion, Multi-Team and Grifball are what you want. Sometimes Invasion can be slow, but you've got to be more aggressive. If you're on Defence, don't wait for them to get to you, launch yourself at them for a surprise early attack.

Multi-Team is carnage. It's short, sweet and filled with bad guys. With people fighting all over the place it's not to hard to find a good fight. Objective gametypes can get you 30+ kills easilly.

Grifball, now, this is the main gametype you'll want to play. Enemies die in 1 hit, if you grab them off guard you can get Overkills+. 40 kills in a game that'll last about 10 mins. You've quadrupled your kill average.

Word of advice though, last time we had a challenge that Grifball really suited, it was taken away. Although this was just due to the timing of the event, it may happen again. My advice is to get a big boost today, play a bunch of Grifball, see what you can get tonight, 500+ would be good because at a steady pace, you need 220 kills per night (ish).

It's up to you how you spread it out, go out and have fun with it though.


  1. i got 1013 kills in 33 days now but its basically when i have had spare time i play loads off griffball and average 60+ every game so its easy ish

  2. sorry 3 days not 33