Saturday, March 26, 2011

Challenge Competition Winners

You guys gave me some amazing Challenges and some really nice names to go with them. I will now list for you guys in the order they appear in my Firefox Tabs, some of the great ones. Reading them makes me wish I had more points to give away.

It's Raining Men - Get three "pull's" in a row in any multiplayer matchmaking game.

This would be a fun Challenge to get, very hard but you always see these people flying about, you can't not target them.

There There - Lose 5 multiplayer matchmaking games in a row.

Would you get people purposefully loosing games? Have 2 entire teams just doing nothing other than betraying to get the lowest score.

Is It Safe Yet? - Get no deaths nor kills in a multiplayer matchmaking game.

This one would be a fun one to try, you'd have to avoid everything, somehow.

What's Right Trigger Do? - Get 10 kills in a multiplayer matchmaking game without firing a single shot.

I'd say, stick in Grifball and grab the ball. So a cleverly doable one.

Truth, Mercy and Regret - Earn a beatdown, Assassinate an enemy whose shields are already down and earn and assist in a multiplayer matchmaking game.

I just enjoy the way this one's titled and how it works.

The Sins of Our Father - Earn a Revenge Kill against the opposing teams kill leader.

Adds a nice little twist on an old challenge.

That only counts as one - Use a plasma pistol shot to disable a Banshee, causing the Banshee to splatter an enemy.

Once again, a nice little reference. Also, we've seen a tone off kills where Banshee parts have killed, mostly, a team-mate, I've yet to see a fully functional one take anyone down.

Backseat Driver - Beatdown an Enemy driving a warthog whilst in the passenger seat.

I'm sure you've all seen this picture. That was all I could think about after receiving this challenge. Also, you ever tried beating someone down from the passenger seat. Very challenging.

Around the World - Play at least 1 game of each of the Matchmaking Multiplayer playlists.

I like this one because it would force people to play more than just their consistent Slayer.

Oh sorry, was he yours? - Get 2 yoinks in any Multiplayer Matchmaking game

I do hate people who steal assassinations, but there is also a fine art of getting the yoink. You have to time it very well.

It'd be faster if you walked - Destroy 10 vehicles with armour lock in Multiplayer Matchmaking

It seems like an obvious challenge, though I'm assuming coding is what stops it. It's such a fun thing to do though.

Never more deserved... - Assassinate a teabagging opponent

Oh come on, you know you want to.

That's fork'd up - Use a forklift to get the Vehicular Manslaughter medal on Firefight Matchmaking on Courtyard

Love the title, love the impossibility of it. It would be doable though, you'd just need a little boost while in the truck. Also, we haven't had any forklift truck challenges. They should appear more in Multiplayer.

Sticking to your gun - Finish a game of Matchmaking with at least 10 kills, having gotten kills with only a single kind of weapon.

100% of your kills with only one kind of weapon. That's a challenge I'd enjoy picking up. My fists will do fine.

Sunday Driver - Finish Tip of the Spear without dying, letting Kat drive the vehicles.

I'm sure we've all seen how well the AI drives. I've seen Kat just drive off a cliff into a bottomless pit. I think you may want to walk this one.

Sadly, there can be only one winner. That winner today is Wildfireskunk, there are a bunch of his in there. Honourable mentions to Chris & Joel (Got some/most of yours up there too)

As an added bonus, because so many of these were good, I've E-mailed Bungie. I'm going to see what I can possibly do about getting some of these challenges added in. Any that are actually possible anyway.

I'll see what I can do about future challenges. Until then

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