Monday, April 4, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 04/04/2011 Long Night of Solace: LASO


Complete Long Night of Solace, Legendary, All Skulls On (LASO)


Another LASO, I must say it's doing wonders for my co-op campaign progress. As for this level, it's certainly the most fun level with the added Fighter section but it's also a tricky one. Close combat with many enemies. Plasma Pistols are, thankfully, everywhere.

This is another long level that can cause you much frustration by failing at the end. Moving up the beach isn't that hard, you've got 3 other Spartans helping you out there, just play it safe. The next part, once inside the base, you'll want to take the Rocket Launcher from the marine, you'll need it much more than they will. Then you've got the space combat, once again, not too hard, just keep doing flips and rolls if you get targeted, they'll leave you alone.

The tough bit is from Mission Point Bravo, the Corvette itself. Close combat, loads of Elites, little support (Beyond Jorge for a bit and some paper armoured Marines) Stealth with be a key ally. As will a drop shield. I suggest someone brings that. I won't claim I know what to do. The basicsare still the same. Weapons that can headshot and a Plasma damaging weapon. Those shields won't go down easy. PS, good luck with the Spec-ops Elites in the final wave.

I'll hand it over to HBO, they know what to do.

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