Monday, April 25, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 25/04/2011 Endure: The Return

Endure: The Return

Complete four sets on any Firefight map in co-op play on Heroic or harder.


There is an easy way to do this, skip to the last paragraph if you wish to get right to it.

So, Firefight Arcade won't cut it. You need to play Firefight limited. 10 shared lives and unlimited time. 5 Waves is 1 round, 3 rounds is 1 set. So you'll be playing for a little while for sure. Best thing to do is avoid random matches. If you can get 4 of your friends together you've got a much bigger chance. Communication and planning will play a huge part in surviving...

That is if custom Firefight matches didn't work fine. You may want to set yourself up a rather enjoyable match of speed rather than points.

Here's that good old 1 million points in 10 minutes gametype. It's a good speedy gametype for this.

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