Monday, August 22, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 22/08/2011

A couple of big hitters today.

Gunslinger - Kill 75 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2250cR

Just keep putting your cross-hair on the enemy and shooting them. Not challenge here, jsut stick to games you like (And will assist on the weekly)

Explosive Ordnance Distribution - Earn 5 kills with ordnance weapons in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 1250cR

Greande LAuncher, Concussion Rifle, Rockets and Fule Rod Cannons are the weapons you want. Action Sack has Splockets, Dino Blasters, Shotgun Assault & Boom Ball for a start. All games that use those weapons.

Double Nickels - Earn 2 Killing Sprees in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 1500cR

Objective long games work well. Invasion is good as is Infection but the best way to get it it to have a clear line of sight to the target, but stay far enough away to not be a target yourself.

Linked Up with - Link your gamertag with and play a game in Halo: Reach Matchmaking - 3000cR

Log into with the same E-mail address as your Xbox Live account. It's a free 3000cR.

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