Monday, August 29, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 29/08/2011 Co-op Dash

Co-op Dash

Clear any Campaign mission on Heroic, in co-op, in 9 minutes or less


With a reward that big, you'd be crazy to miss out. Well, in terms of levels you can beat in 9 minutes co-op, you're limited.

Winter Contingency is doable, IF you can steal a Falcon, this is a hard task, so once again, we're going to be playing the old Nightfall Trick. I really do hope you know that trick by now, if not, have a link.

Now, Nightfall on Co-op, has the possibility to spawn all the enemies on the other side of the gate, even if you glitch through it, so you've got 3-4 mins to get there, followed by 5 mins to fight your way through 4 turrets and a bunch of Elites & Grunts. With no skulls on this challenge should be easy enough. So enjoy yourself. We're one away from a whole year.


  1. For some reason, I cannot make it on Nightfall. I just die constantly...and that racks up my time. Its ridiculous. I see so many people do it, but I can't seem to.

  2. i did Winter contingency with 1 other player and his guest. i ran through it drove through it, if your in the building kat is hacking by 6 or 7 mins then you have cracked it. then head for the sprint and shoot the zelot at the start of the new part of the clip scene. then grunts should be a few seconds. then jump over the ledge jorge stands on for a shotgun (sheild) then shoot the sword and concussion till their both shelled to shit. then get the buzzer.

    the latest i ever did this was at 8:44.