Friday, September 23, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 23/09/2011

Gunslinger - Kill 150 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 5500cR

Simple as always, and worth the cR. 150 will require a bit of Grinding, but it's Friday and you have to play 8 games to get all the challenges anyway. Just play games where killing is necessary.

This is My Rifle... - Earn 30 kills with precision weapons in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2500cR

Needle Rifle, Sniper, DMR & Focus rifle will get you these kills. SWAT & Snipers is where I'd stick for this one. Games like invasion also work, but at a slower pace.

... Got a Triple Double - Earn 3 Double Kills in the same match in Multiplayer Matchmaking - 3000cR

Get a double, then stop. No extra points towards this challenge for getting yourself a Killtastrophy or Killpocolypse. Any game can get you double kills but games that are better fro it are Multi-Team, Rumble Pit, Living Dead & Grifball. You can also try power weapons in regular games for an extra boost.

Credits for Completion - Complete 8 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2800cR

Just play them. You don't need to win, just enjoy yourself and go for other challenges.

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