Saturday, October 8, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 08/10/2011

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 400 enemies in any game mode in Reach - 4000cR

Any game mode as per the norm. The challenges today are all set to Multiplayer, and you'll probably be done with them before this one. So stick with the MP for a bit if you need weekly boosts and if you're done with those, enter some Firefight for speed.

Close Talking - Earn 40 kills with close quarters combat in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2600cR

Hammers, Swords, Shotguns and your Fist. Grifball, Infection and gametypes in the Action Sack gametype like Shotgun Assault are made for this challenge.

Streaky Shooter - Earn 3 sprees in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2000cR

Sprees in MP. Just get 5 kills without being killed. If those kills are all with special weapons or in certain styles the better. I'll say infection, 5 kills with a Shotgun will get you a Zombie Killing, Shotgun, and Killing spree. So enjoy.

Un, Deux, Trois - Win 3 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2900cR

Just play and win. I'm sure you've see n the weekly by now.

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