Friday, October 28, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 28/10/2011

I'm out in London for the MCM tomorrow, so don't expect anything too soon. I'll probably get around to updating this place about 12 hours after the challenges have been posted. Depends on trains and other things.

Shootin' and Lootin' - Kill 250 enemies in any game mode in Reach - 3800cR

Any game mode, but the rest of the challenges today are for Multiplayer, so how you tackle the rest of this is up to you, I'd say once you're done with MP, switch to Firefight. Always a good way to rack up the kills and get a bunch of cR.

Un, Deux, Trois - Win 3 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2900cR

Win 3 games. What are you good at, or what are your friends good at, or what are some random people you can pull into your party good at? Play that. If the answer to all the above is bugger all, try some Grifball or Actionsack, usually Luck is a fair helper and the regular rules of Halo and even FPS games don't apply.

Killing Frenzy - Earn a Killing Frenzy in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 4000cR

Stay close to the actions but far enough away to not be picked off or hunted. Multi-team games like king of the work well (Provided you're nowhere near the hill but can still lob grenades at it. Living Dead works well, start early and don't make stupid mistakes.

Credits for Completion - Complete 5 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 1250cR

Play, stay, be done with it all. I'm sure you can get the other challenges while doing this.

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  1. You're at the expo? Head over to the DDRUK stall at some point, I can say thanks for keeping me updated on challenges for the last year! Look for the afro'd guy running the Smash Brothers table :D