Monday, October 17, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 17/10/2011 All in a Week's Work

All in a Week's Work

Kill 700 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking this week


Pace... Yourself... Well what else can I say. 100 kills a day is what you're looking for it you want to make a smooth transition. Depending on gametype you can pick up 10-100 kills. Grifball I've often found averaging at about 50 kills for a 8-10 minute game. This week with this challenge, I expect a bunch of people to flock to it in order to get a high amount of kills.

Multi-Team is another high rewarding gametype, it's a bit less so that Grifball, but it is more towards your tradition Halo gameplay.

Also, Contest is over, I'll get a winner and converse with them later today.

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