Monday, January 2, 2012

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 02/01/2012

All Firefight with a hint of Campaign.

One Spartan Army - Kill 100 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking - 2000cR

A single game will do this nicely. Doesn't matter what variation really.

Support Structure - Earn 30 assists in Firefight Matchmaking - 2250cR

Doubles in Arcadefight should do you well, just make sure to play with someone you know and has a mic. Plasma for shield popping and a few AR bursts for everything else.

Hyper Lethal Vector - Kill 150 enemies with headshots in Firefight Matchmaking - 1125cR

A Solo Gruntpocolypse will do most of this for you. Finish it of in the Arcadefight with your friend, of it you're skipping that challenge, more Grunts.

Inclement Weather - Complete a Campaign mission on Heroic or harder with the Thunderstorm Skull on - 3000cR

Nightfall, Leg it. That is it for all these campaign challenges.

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