Thursday, December 16, 2010

Halo Reach Daily Challenge 16/12/2010

Once again, good morning. Today is Thursday and as such there are a few Firefight Challenges here today. Slightly drawing you away from the weekly but I'll let you guys tackle what you want.

Gunslinger - Kill 75 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking. - 1250 cR

As per usual we have one of these challenges. Go out and kill in the MP in whatever way you feel. Garb a few Multi-Kills while you're at it.

Covenant-cide - Kill 90 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking. - 1000 cR

1 game of score attack although you may need 2 for the rest of the challenges. No real mess, no real fuss.

Blast Radius - Kill 20 enemies in Firefight Matchmaking with grenades. - 1400 cR

Title tells it all. Get yourself on Score attack though. Sniperattack doesn't allow for grenade pick up.

That Pink Mist - Kill 40 enemies with a Supercombine from the Needler or Needle Rifle in Firefight Matchmaking. - 2000 cR

Nor does it allow for weapon pick up. So Gruntpocolypse will get you most of the way. May want to play some regular Scoreattack though.

Back to being busy. have fun guys.

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