Friday, December 17, 2010

Solo Legendary - Mostly at Night Walkthrough

Mission: Nightfall
Objective: Solo Completion without dying
Weapons of Choice: Sniper & Needle Rifle/DMR (For the most part)
Armour Ability: Active Camo

"I threw that"

This mission started off on a bad foot. In my attempts to be sneaky, I decided to go around assassinating the Elite up top, followed by the Grunts on the right who are on the ledge, before jumping down to assassinate the Elite. Jun, feeling a bit left out, decided his plan of action was to throw a grenade into the mix. There went my stealth. After killing all the remain enemies, grab the Camo before moving on.

"That's not the me you're looking for"

From your vantage point take out as many Elites as you can. Don't stay Invisible & scoped for too long. Take out one specific Elite, you could of kick the Nest of a bunch of Suicide Grunts. Not pretty. There is also an invisible Elite with a Focus Rifle, mix it up using both Hologram & Camo at the same time. This will enable you find enemies by tracing back the plasma while staying hidden. Once a large enough portion of enemies are removed it's time to move on.

"The Elite can still see me"

Move along the right hand side of the first area and jump into the building using the railing. This gives you cover and forces Jun to walk around the outside causing some damage to the remain enemies. Move on up towards the next staging area. When out, there will be an Elite Minor up top. Killing him will set off 1 or 2 Suicide Grunts so watch out. Remain hidden and stay back. Keep to the right side and up high, if you need you can retreat to from where you came. After killing all the enemies here, a Grunt & Jackal will move up, kill them and move on.

"A new star in the night"

As you reach the clearing, stay left and jump up on top of the rocks. From here you can get a good vantage point and the GĂșta can't reach you. Let the GĂșta do most of the damage as they will 99/100 times kill all the covenant in the area. The Covies may even bring one down with any luck. Small tip for dealing with them, 1 Plasma Grenade is all it takes to kill them. In this area there is a stach of Needle Rifles, Replace the pistol & move on.

"Long range protection"

When you reach the Marines protecting their equipment, I hate to say it but they're all going to die. To take on 3 waves of Covenant on Legendary & survive, you need much more than 3 marines. So to keep it short an sweet, you punch a hole in the covenants attack on the left hand side, kill a few Elites then run, up onto the ledge, past the bridge and off towards the beacon.

"Just a distraction"

When approaching the beacon, stay stealthy, take out as many of the enemy as you can without firing a shot. When it's finally a necessity to shoot, let Jun once again take the brunt. Stay hidden and don't engage an Elite in close combat unless it really is necessary. Try an blend in, go for the assassination if possible. Once Jun starts setting the explosive device, run back across the bridge. If you find ammo a bit short, keep running in the direction you can in on, there'll be a DMR. Take out the Hunters as your first target. If one of those Fuel Rod explosions hits Jun, he can be blasted of the edge. There goes Mr. Invincible. So once they're taken out you're mostly done as Jun will take out most of the others. Now for the final stretch.

"A little sooner would have been nice"

Take out the gunner on the Phantom as you enter the gate then you're free to take out the Grunts & Jackals with 1 less major problem. Once they've been taken out. Move on up and locate the first gun emplacement. Take out the grunt inside of it but leave it active. Grunts are drawn towards it and it's a good way to locate them. When you move up though, be sure to destroy it. If it becomes active again and you back pedal, you'll be dead before you realise it. Slowly move up and locate the next gun emplacement.

"All my health for nothing"

Do as you did with the last turret and keep pushing up. There'll be 3 Zealots and 2 Rangers will join the fight along the stone "Bridge". Keep pushing forwards while invisible to bring Jun up with you, then quickly fall back and let him take the brute force. While they're distracted take that moment to finish them off. Extra side note, if an elite is in the turret, if the turret blows up he will die. Very useful if a Spec-Ops Elite (4 Bullets to kill) gets in a damaged turret. Once the area is clear move up once again to the final stretch. There are a few Grunts and Jackals here and the last thing you want to do is die now, so be careful and activate the cutscene.

The accompanying video is here for download. I won't say follow it exactly as it won't always work. Just be careful and don't die. Have fun instead.

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