Monday, January 3, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 03/01/2011 Dedication/Time

Dedication/Time - Complete 16 Daily Challenges this week. 16000cR

A very easy challenge as I'm here to help you with the daily challenges. You need to do 2.25871 challenges per day, although with the physical impossibilities of this I would suggest doing 3 a day. After that you need to get 1 on the weekend. It really doesn't matter too much, just do as many as you can and provided you do 3 for 2 days you can do 2 for 5 or whatever combo you want.

Lets hope we get some high paying, easy challenges this week because that's a big payoff.

Yeah, Yeah, I copied the previous post from when this was there. But seriously the only way to do this is to keep doing the Daily Challenges, So the best thing to do is to start now.

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