Friday, April 1, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 01/04/2011

Sadly, I don't have anything for April Fools day. Seemed like to much effort. However, OCRemix (A Video game music remix website) recently updated with a nice little remix of a couple of Halo 3 themes. So here it is to get you in the Friday mood.

Now, moving on.

More than a Handful - Kill 25 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 1000cR

No problem, 2-3 games of anything really, you'll be done.

No 'I' in Team - Earn 8 assists in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 2000cR

This is a bit of a tough one. You need to focus completely on assisting. Best weapons for this are your fist and the Plasma Pistol. Mix in an Armour Lock and you can do this rather easily. Just make sure you have a friend with you who you can talk to. Gametype of Choice, Invasion. Lots of time and weapons you can use.

Aggressive Negotiations - Earn at least 19 kills in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 1900cR

You'll want to be playing a big killer. Multi-team is a big scorer here, if you can get a Objective gametype, even better. If you're struggling a bit on that (Wouldn't be surprising, 19 kills is a race against time) then try out Grifball. Many kills here and if you can get the ball, you can dictate how the game will play.

Vengeance Found - Earn your 'Revenge' in a multiplayer Matchmaking game - 1000cR

Try out some Doubles games. These games are slower, but that gives you the time needed to find the bugger who killed you and the ability to get your revenge. Not challenging and you may even get it while achieving one of the others.

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