Monday, October 31, 2011

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 31/10/2011 Endure: The Return

Endure: The Return

Complete four sets on any Firefight map in co-op play on Heroic or harder


Last time we had this, the way to go about it was in a Custom Firefight game. Same this time. Maybe put that 1,000,000 points in 10 minutes game to good use.

5 Waves in a Round,
3 rounds in a Set,
4 Sets Completed.

There should be a number in the bottom right, that's the Set number. Once it hits 5, you'll be done.


  1. My boyfriend and I have tried multiple times to complete the challenge.

    Example-clicked the challenge and played
    Example-we played firefight doubles
    Example-went to the firefight lobby and made sure all settings were correct for the 4 sets

    None of these after hours of trying marked the challenge complete what do we do.?

  2. Some people say that you need to actually start the fifth set before it recognizes that the challenge has been completed.

  3. you need to go into the 5th set or it wont work. dont set the cap at 4 sets you wont get the challenge.