Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Year Celebration

I'll give you till the weekly challenge for the week commencing 10th October 2011 finishes. So you've got until 11am GMT Monday, That's like, 3am Somewhere in America on the Monday.

Prize will be, 1200MS Points.

you will receive the code within the week.

All you have to do is Comment below with your Favourite/Least favourite Challenge and give me a reason as to why.

Also, small notice. It'd be really useful for you to have some form of account. So no Anon entries.

So get to commenting.


  1. My fav has to be Close Talking. Nothing like getting those sword and shotgun kills.

  2. Favorite would be the ones killing the gold ranger elites. They're easy and usually worth quite a few points.

    Least would be the firefight vehicle kills, which are usually just a pain in the arse. Hasn't come up much lately, until today...

  3. My favourite challenge is definitely 'Linked Up with Bungie.net' - It's nice easy points, and all you have to do is play a game :)

    My least favourite challenge has got to be the 'No I In Team' one, as when I get assists it's always because someone stole my kill :(

  4. Fav is Blastin 'N' Relaxin, cos thats how i get it

    Least is the LASO challenges cos their tough... apart from Nightfall ;)

    Great site btw

  5. I love the Sticky Grenade challenges, there's nothin more satisfying that gettin a stick

    I really hate the Explosive Ordanance challenges though, cos everyone rushes for the power weapons when that on.

    Drew u a picture, its the Hatted Halo Fox
    | H |
    _|__A__|_ ____
    \_ L _/ / /
    / * * \ /^^^]
    \_\O/_/ [ ]
    / \_ [ /
    \ \_ / /
    [ [ / \/ _/
    _[ [ \ /_/

  6. Or was the hatted halo fox... (>_<)
    stupid formatting

  7. Hi,
    the LASO challenges are quite tough, and as I've never beaten one (yeah... :( ) these are my least favourite.

    Neuroscience is my favourite, taking people out with one clean shot is always preferable. Someone call the doctor :)

  8. Thank you so much! Just received my 1200 Microsoft Points.

    Your website is awesome, and I'll continue to use it on a daily basis.

    Great Fox, great website, even greater random number generator ;)