Friday, December 16, 2011

Halo Reach Daily Challenges 16/12/2011

Fire When Ready - Kill 30 enemies in multiplayer Matchmaking - 1100cR

Simple enough. A minimal of 4 games to play today so no need to rush it. Though Grifball with give you this in one if you play it... well, not right, but when focused on killing.

Participation Counts - Complete 4 games in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2400cR

Just play them. Not hard really.

Streaky Shooter - Earn 5 sprees in multiplayer Matchmaking - 2850cR

Not in one game so it's over the course of today. Killing sprees will probably be your common ones, but if you want to really speed it up, Living Dead works brilliantly. Shotgun sprees, Killing Sprees and Zombie killing sprees.

... Got a Triple Double - Earn 3 Double Kills in the same match in Multiplayer Matchmaking - 3000cR

Living Dead or Grifball for the carnage and the easy kills.

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