Friday, October 22, 2010

Halo Reach Weekly Challenge 18/10/2010 UPDATE

Hello all, welcome to a Friday update session. This time, it's about the weekly challenge. Now, as you know, this weeks Weekly Challenge is to get 30 kills in one match. Quite a high amount and I've been struggling myself and also been watching other people struggling (Some guy finished a match with 29 kills and I had 27). Now I stick with my previous comment of Big Team and Invasion (Slayer and Regular) but while playing some invasion, someone told me about another way of getting it.


After quickly explaining, I was told that Multi-Team Slayer is first to 50 kills. With 2 people on a team that's a lot of kill stealing from the other teams and a high enough kill count for it to not affect your partners score. So team up with a friend, take turns in assisting and with a little luck, you'll have 30 kills and 2000 cR.

Now, another way of doing it, slightly more challenging but still viable.

Living Dead

Zombies, If you're lucky enough to be human 3 times in a row (Generally quite the opposite for me) you need 10 kills per round. Not too bad but I'd try the other ways first.

So yeah, weekly challenge update thanks to you guys who help spread the secrets about. You've still got a few more days left. Don't waste them if you want a complete set of weekly challenges (I have so far, have you?)

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