Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Corpses In One Grave - Achievement

Hello. I told you there'd be an Achievement today and this is it. A rather simple one again but it's good because I can take some pretty pictures. Well, starting off, this mission requires you to blow up 2 vehicles in one use of the target locater. Now this doesn't NEED to be done on the Wraiths but it's much easier as ghosts tend to move about a lot. So here we go, set up normal ONI Swordbase with Cowbell on at Rally point Alpha. You spawn right in front of the Target Locator. Pick it up and an armour lock and head outside. I would say pick off the Grunts and Elite so you don't get distracted and then wait.

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They will gather by the little rocks and wait there (Provided you don't run head first towards them causing them to splatter you, may have done that once or twice) When they get there head to the left and jump on top of some rocks, for some reason (this worked for me, it may or may not for you), this happened to be the perfect place. They didn't move as I wasn't close enough and they didn't shoot me because I was too close.

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Aim for the middle of them, you want to make sure that you cover both of them. Once that's done, stay still and if they decide to shoot at you, armour lock and wait. Hopefully you'll be rewarded with the beautiful scene of this.

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Two blown up Wraiths with one volley. That's an achievement for you and as an added side bonus, you have 1 more use left over. Once again I'll leave the Rooster Teeth guys to give you a video. Have fun and grab that Gamerscore.

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